Corporate Air is now Mister Greenway

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Dear Valued Customer,

Corporate Air, Inc., has arrived at a point of change in its business life. It’s important to note that we have identified ourselves as being dedicated to providing the best there is in service and sales of home comfort systems since 1974. Many of you have grown from our customers to family members over this time and as such, we feel it necessary to share with you our decision to retire the business. As part of our continued loyalty to our customers, we owed a duty to search out a company that had the same customer respect, attitude and work values that we have tried to present to our customer family for the last 47 years. We are proud to announce that we found the one company that met and exceeded all of our expectations and are comfortable in recommending them to you for all your current and future home comfort needs. They have agreed to provide completion and renewal of any active Customer Assurance Policy’s (CAP), and warranties that Corporate Air has in effect, as well as continuing great service and replacements needs you may have in the future. They have dedicated a portion of their staff to service you using the same phone number (901) 274-1134 you have used in the past to contact us.

Mister Greenway is the only company that our search provided that could meet the high expectations we have set for providing our customers the best service. After meeting with, observing the operations, and discussions with Mister Greenway’s President, Devin Williams, we are happily satisfied your future home comfort needs will be exceeded. A brief outline intro to Mister Greenway below:

Whit Greenway started Greenway Home Services about 30 years back. He treated his people right, ran a tight ship, and ensured customers knew they could always count on Greenway.

So the Greenway reputation grew, and the company prospered — as did Whit’s family, including Whitney Greenway, who loved helping Dad more than anything.

Whitney started out by handing Dad tools when he went on jobs, started working in the business by nine, and dispatched techs to jobs by eleven. That’s when Mister Greenway was born. See, Whitney couldn’t say “Dad” at work, so she called him Mister Greenway, and it stuck.

Whitney always wanted to take over the business and run it just like her Dad. That means treating her people like gold, running a tight ship, and ensuring that customers can always count on Greenway. In 2007, that dream became a reality when Whitney took over operations in Nashville. By 2009 she had her professional licenses for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical.

In 2016, Whitney moved home to Memphis with her husband, Devin, to take over the entire companies operations. And somewhere along the way, she and Devin decided to rename the company in honor of her Dad’s old title — from Greenway to Mister Greenway. And that’s the story Mister Greenway, and why you can still count on us to have your back and fix your home emergency whenever you call.

Please find a moment to become better acquainted with Greenway Home Services by visiting their webpage . There is not enough time left in this world to express all the thanks to your our customers for the business and friendship you have shared with Corporate Air over the past years. Thanks for the honor of allowing us to serve you and to continue to allow Mister Greenway to take care of you moving forward.


Samuel M. Pierce
CAI President
Charles Humphreys
CAI Secretary
Devin R. Williams
Mr. Greenway President
Whitney Greenway
Mr. Greenway Mgmt.