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furnace repair memphis, tn

Greenway Home Services offers complete furnace repair in Memphis. Whether it’s preventative work or emergency repairs, we can assist you any time of the week.

We recommend regular furnace maintenance so you don’t have a freezing moment at home and scramble to find someone to work on your furnace. Luckily, our heating service experts are always ready to come to your aid!


When Is It Time for Furnace Repair?

  1. Furnace stops working: you will absolutely be in need of a repair if your furnace and heat go out. If your system has stopped working altogether and you cannot get it to turn on, then you will need an expert technician to diagnose and repair the issue.
  2. Old furnace: as your furnace ages, it will need more repairs. As with any mechanical device, use and wear will cause more things to break or stop working. Do you know how old your furnace is? Now might be a perfect time to check so you’re aware of how new or old your system is and when your next repair might be coming.
  3. High energy bills: has your energy bill increased over the last few cold months? Your furnace may not be operating like it used to. Of course, you could be experiencing drafts from windows or doors, but you may also be in need of a furnace repair. If you’re unsure but you know something is off, please give us a call so we can inspect your furnace and give you more information.
  4. Yellow Burner Flame: when your furnace is properly functioning, you will have a blue flame with a small yellow tip at the flame’s inner cone. If your flame is entirely yellow, then you have serious problem because it could be producing carbon monoxide. If you have any signs of yellow burner flame, please give us a call so we can inspect your furnace as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance & Repair:

  1. Peace of mind – when your furnace and heating system is working properly, you’re not thinking about it and you’re comfortable inside your home. You’re also not worrying about when your HVAC system may go out and what a burden it will be.
  2. Savings – repairs will ultimately save you money over time. Keeping your furnace in great shape, or getting a new furnace, will afford you more energy efficiency. Your energy bills will go down and stay down. Also, regular maintenance and repairs can prevent a furnace from completely going out, saving you a lot right now.
  3. Comfort – if your furnace goes out and it’s below freezing, you’re not going to be comfortable. You may have to go to a family member or friend’s house until your furnace and heating system can be repaired. Keeping your system regularly repaired means you stay comfortable around the clock and don’t face an emergency when it’s very cold.

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