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drain repair memphis, tn

Think of all the things your drains come into contact with – hair, oil, grease, soap, food, and more. It’s inevitable that you’ll need drain services and repair in Memphis at one point or another. Greenway Home Services offers several plumbing services for keeping your drains clean and working efficiently.

Camera Inspection

Our trained professionals have the ability to inspect what’s going on inside your drain with the use of small cameras. This allows us to see and fix minor problems before they become major disasters.


Drain Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the easiest way to prevent minor problems and major disasters in your Memphis home. Call today to set up an appointment for our trained technicians to evaluate your drains. We’ll let you know if we see any potential problems on the front end.

Drain Cleaning

Are your drains clogged, backed up, or running slow? Our trained professionals can remove debris and make sure things are running smoothly.

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