The Many Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Start Saving Money With A Programmable Thermostat

Start Saving Money With A Programmable Thermostat

Have you heard about programmable thermostats but you’re not sure they’re right for you? What is a smart home and how can it save you money? These innovative devices are popping up all over the place and we are getting a lot of calls from people who are interested in hearing more about them.

Here are just a few of the most common benefits that people get when they decide to install a programmable thermostat. If you read through these and you think that one would be great in your home, give us a call at Greenway. We’ll be out soon to help you choose the perfect programmable thermostat for your home. Then we’ll get it installed and make sure it’s working before we leave your house.

Programmable thermostats are easy to use

The newest programmable thermostats make setting, viewing, and changing your thermostat easier than it has ever been. Many of them feature large, bright displays so you can always see exactly what the temperature is as well as your options and any other data you’ve chosen to have displayed.

Many of these thermostats can be programmed with your smartphone, too. Just download the app, connect it to your thermostat, and you’ll have all sorts of data at your fingertips. You can even change the temperature at home when you’re out and about or reset your home heating and cooling schedule from work.

Improve Home Efficiency

Programmable thermostats allow you to have ultimate control over your home’s temperature. You can set it to be comfortable while you’re home, then let the system rest while you’re gone. Some units can also get a feeling for your patterns and habits, anticipate them, and set the thermostat accordingly. All of these mean that your heating and cooling systems are not working as hard, as long, or as often, which makes them more energy-efficient and saves you cash. In fact, many of these thermostats pay for themselves in energy savings quickly.

Add to Comfort

With a programmable thermostat, you’ll never have to be uncomfortable at home again. You can still turn your heating or cooling off during the day, when you’re gone, but have it turn on in time to make the house comfortable before you get home. Avoid that awful transition period with a programmable thermostat.

You can even change your plans and still stay comfortable at home. Just use your phone to override the thermostat’s programming and your house will be ready for you when you get there.

Offer Vast Control Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to the control options on most of these units. Set each day differently, change the temperature every other week, and more! There’s not much you can’t do with a programmable thermostat.

If you want to save money on energy and have a thermostat that is simple and straightforward for anyone to use, consider a programmable thermostat today. Call us at Greenway for more information or to schedule your installation. We’ll be there soon to help you improve your comfort and save your cash.