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Greenway offers Air Conditioning services in both Memphis and Nashville. If you are interested in using our Nashville air conditioning services, visit the link below.


Our team works diligently to keep air circulating in all homes across the area. We strive to eliminate the days and weeks of people worrying what to do next. A healthy, optimal air conditioning unit should accomplish the following:

  • Energy-efficient operations
  • Cost-savings solution
  • Humidity minimizer
  • Comfort provider

If you are having air conditioning problems and call Greenway, our team sends an experienced technician to your home to evaluate your concerns. Our live operators work seven days per week, and our team schedules weekend appointments for emergencies. We know that a broken or non-functioning AC unit is stressful and irritating, so we work to find a solution quickly. Air conditioning unit issues fluctuate, but most often, we find that the following are the more common problems:

  • Old age of AC system (10 years or older)
  • Buildup of dust and excess waste
  • Increasing costs on bills

For any needs related to your air conditioning system, Greenway is ready and able to assist, repair, or replace in order to get your home feeling comfortable. Call us today or visit the link below, and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a visit.


Our Services

Living in the South, we know that air conditioning is truly a necessity. Without air running through the vents and ducts, getting through summer would be the ultimate challenge. That’s why you need effective, efficient air conditioning systems. Greenway Home Services is a customer-driven business that seeks to provide exceptional services for your home.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Do you think your unit is outdated or not working well any longer? Once scheduled, our team will arrive at your home, examine the unit, and diagnose the problem. If a repair is necessary, we’ll guide you through those steps.


Air Conditioning Installation

Our Greenway team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable technicians who are quick and seamless in transitioning air conditioning units. If you need a new unit installed, let Greenway serve you.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your AC unit must work efficiently and effectively for your home to be comfortable. If you believe your unit needs an assessment, our Greenway technicians will provide the maintenance it needs.


Air Conditioning Components

AC units have plenty of parts. We understand that and know that our clients may need assistance in knowing how the units operate. We provide service to help you with your air conditioning components.


Air Conditioning FAQs

Do you have a question about your air conditioning? We gathered some of our most asked questions and provided answers straight from our technicians.


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