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Mister Greenway Replaces Old Pipes With Pex Repiping

With the right technology, most sewer line damage can be fixed without expensive digging. Not only does that save your landscaping, it’s a much faster process, allowing Mister Greenway to complete the job in a single day. As the leaders in Memphis sewer line repair, Mr. Greenway does what the competition can’t. It’s just another way for us to have your back whenever you call.


PEX Repiping Advantages

  • PEX is safe, lead-free
  • PEX installs in long pipe runs requiring fewer fittings
  • PEX is flexible; it can make 90 degrees corners without elbow fittings
  • PEX is more resistant to chemicals found in municipal water systems
  • PEX will not corrode, pit, or develop pinholes over time
  • PEX Eliminates water hammers

With its many intricacies, plumbing is notoriously complex. PEX piping, in particular, is an incredibly involved process that demands precision and diligence. At Mister Greenway, our experts promise both, allowing us to deliver satisfactory plumbing solutions. As seasoned Memphis plumbers, we know the ins and outs of our trade. It’s for this reason why we’re versed in the art of PEX repiping. 

 Known as a modern alternative to traditional repiping methods, PEX piping is preferred for its durability and affordability. With that said, if your pipes need to be updated, consider PEX piping. Not only will you discover how convenient this approach is, but you’ll also gain access to our world-class resources. Breathe new life into corroded, old, or damaged pipes when you enlist our helping hands. 

When Is It Time To Call Our PEX Repiping Experts?

 Stopping a plumbing problem in its tracks is easier said than done. However, with some insight, you can prevent a financial fiasco and plumbing nightmare. If you’re experiencing any of the following, contact Mister Greenway, and we’ll remedy the issue right away. 

  • Low water pressure
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Rusty water
  • Leaks
  • Drastic temperature changes

Why Opt For PEX Piping?

 Both budget-friendly and flexible, PEX piping is highly sought-after for many reasons. While these are the most prominent advantages of PEX piping, people also prefer this method because the installation process is a breeze. Moreover, PEX piping doesn’t corrode as quickly, and it requires significantly less labor.

 Best of all, it’s less likely to burst than other piping. Most notably, PEX piping is highly adaptable. In other words, it can be connected to existing pipes using adaptors. In essence, when you opt for PEX piping, you receive a wealth of benefits that promise convenience and satisfaction. 

Why Choose Mister Greenway?

 Renowned for our world-class customer service and unmatched work ethic, we’re a plumber that many Memphis residents know and trust. Using our cutting-edge equipment and proven techniques, we deliver rapid solutions that guarantee quality. Above all else, we’re a client-driven company, meaning we go the extra mile to satisfy the wants and needs of our customers. 

 Throughout the years, we’ve perfected our PEX piping services. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch and long-lasting results. Whether your pipes are outdated, rusted, or busted, we can help. With our PEX piping solutions, your plumbing will receive the revitalization it deserves. 

Mister Greenway Recommends PEX Repiping For Many Reasons

Another advantage of PEX is that it can be connected to existing copper or PVC pipe using adapters. That means Mister Greenway can perform partial repiping projects where your home needs it most.

There’s one more benefit of PEX you’ll appreciate when freezing temps come along. Because of its flexibility, PEX is less likely to burst as a result of freezing

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