Plumbing Inspections

What is the health of your plumbing system? Even if you aren’t noticing any major problems, there may be lurking issues that need to be fixed. When performed by reputable professionals, a plumbing inspection gives you a clear picture of the condition of your drains, pipes, and other parts of your plumbing.

Why Do You Need a Plumbing Inspection?

Many plumbing problems are initially small or unnoticeable. Over time, they worsen and become significantly more expensive and damaging.

The purpose of a plumbing inspection is to detect problems before they turn into costly emergencies. By catching problems early, plumbers can save you money and help you maintain a well-Plumbing Inspectionsfunctioning home. Plumbing inspections are a critical part of preventative maintenance.

What Problems Can Plumbing Inspections Detect?

Reputable professionals will carry out a comprehensive inspection that includes indoor and outdoor components of your plumbing system. The issues they catch include the following:


Leaks aren’t always noticeable, especially at first. They can start in your walls, your toilet, the hose of your washing machine, or in a part of your home that you overlook, like a dark corner of your basement. Other times, leaks are immediately noticeable, such as when your faucet is dripping. But they may seem like minor problems, tempting you to ignore them.

When neglected, leaks can seriously drive up your expenses. They waste water, which increases your water bills and damages your home with mold, rust, peeling paint, and other kinds of deterioration. The excess moisture also attracts pests. 

Fortunately, professional plumbers can help you spot leaks and pinpoint their source. The leaks often come from a part of your plumbing system, such as a pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced. Other times, they result from damage to your roof or windows. Once you understand their source, you’ll know how to fix them effectively.


The drain in your kitchen sink may be clogged with grease and food particles. Your shower drain may be clogged with hair and soap residue. It’s also possible that you’re suffering a blockage in your sewer line, causing multiple drains in your home to function sluggishly or back up. 

Blockages have various unpleasant effects, including foul smells, inefficient draining, the proliferation of mold and bacteria, and structural damage. A blocked sewer line can lead to sewage flowing back into your home. A plumbing inspection helps prevent these nasty problems.

General Deterioration

In your yard, tree roots may grow into the sewer line or the water line. In your home, various components of your plumbing system may be in poor condition, including your water heater.

Neglecting the deterioration will lead to large and costly problems. Plumbing inspections pinpoint where you need upgrades, repairs, or timely maintenance. Your water heater, for example, needs to be periodically drained and its sediment removed. You may have to replace it if it’s over a decade old or functioning poorly. 

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