Sewer Repair

Do you need sewer repair? Cracks and breaks in sewer lines can be insidious, mainly if that leak is located under your slab. The concrete slab can hide the problem for months or even years. The good news is that if you pay attention, you may be able to find the leak before it causes significant damage.

Signs You Have a Sewer Pipe Leak Under Your Slab that Needs Immediate Sewer Repair

Since a sewer line or drain pipe leak doesn’t cause a rise in your water bills, it’s essential to pay attention to other signs to know if you need an immediate sewer repair.sewer repair

There is a strange smell permeating your home

Wastewater and sewer water stinks. If you have a strange smell in your home that you cannot identify, and that does not go away after extensive cleaning, it could be due to a break or crack in your sewer line.

Your carpet or hard surface flooring is wet or warped

It could be due to a sewer line leak if you have mysterious wet spots on your carpet or hard surface flooring that’s warping, chipping, or coming loose from the subfloor. As the water drips or flows from the pipe, it permeates the concrete and eventually wicks its way upward through your flooring.

Your yard has a mysterious puddle

The sewer pipe leak isn’t under your slab, if you’re lucky. Instead, it’s in your yard. Please pay attention to mysterious puddles that appear when it’s not raining and when you haven’t watered your grass in several days.

Your foundation is uneven

As your sewer pipe leaks, the water eventually wears away at the soil under your foundation. This can lead to cracks and sinking. If your home is uneven, sinking in the middle, or has cracks in your walls, you may leak into your slab foundation.

Your pipes are beyond their expected useful lives

Drain pipes are typically made out of cast iron or PVC. While these have long lifespans, typically 80 to 100 years, cast iron is susceptible to rusting and corroding, and improperly installed PVC can crack. If your pipes are older than 25 years, take the time to have them inspected. Regular inspections of your sewer pipe and timely sewer repair can prevent most damage before it starts.

Timely, Professional, and Experienced Repairs

If you suspect you leak into your slab, it’s best to call a professional right away. Slab leaks can lead to foundation damage and the need for expensive repairs beyond the sewer repair. These could include repairing your foundation, back-filling under your slab, and repairing damage to your home’s walls and other structural components.

 If you suspect you need sewer repair, call us today.