Water & Sewer Lines

Most homeowners do not think about their sewer and water lines until something goes wrong. Technically, your local municipality is in charge of the sewer lines if they are located near the street. As these lines get closer to your home, they become your responsibility. 

What Sewer Lines Are You Responsible for?

 There is an easy way to remember which sewer lines you have to take care of. First, you should look around for your water meter. Any lines closer to your home than your water meter are technically your responsibility. If these lines rupture and cause property damage, you are responsible for repairing the damage. 

How to Maintain Sewer Systems During Renovations

 If you are planning a home renovation, you need to think about your sewer system. Normally, homes are connected to sewer lines before driveways, and landscaping features are sewer linesadded. Because of this, you might not remember your sewer systems exist before your renovations begin. 

 With the help of an experienced plumber, you can get a sewer line replacement during your next renovation project. To begin this process, you must clean out the length of the line from your house to where the line connects to the city’s sewer system. Eventually, you will need to repair any landscaping features, driveways, and sidewalks above the sewer system. 

Older Homes Often Need New Sewer Systems

 Even if you are not updating your home, you may still need to replace your sewer lines. If your house was built more than five decades ago, the lines have probably degraded already. The sewer pipe laterals are typically made out of clay for older homes. Over the years, these clay lines can become broken by tree roots or cracked because of natural wear and tear.

 Unfortunately, this means that older lines tend to leak. This can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs and horrible scents. If the leak continues without anyone noticing it, it can eventually damage your home’s foundation as well. 

 While no one wants to spend time and money on home repairs, it is a necessary part of owning a home. If you do not maintain your sewer system, it can eventually lead to more expensive problems in the future. Fortunately, contractors who have experience working with sewer systems can quickly fix these issues. 

Get Your Sewer System Repaired Today

 You may notice a foul odor if you have a blockage in your sewer pipes or drains. Often, blockages will cause water to pool in one section of your yard. Luckily, professional plumbers can quickly repair your sewer lines so that you can enjoy your yard again. To learn more about how our experienced team can help fix your home, call us today for an initial consultation.