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Why Mister Greenway

Cowboy Wisdom says, “A body can pretend to care, but a body can’t pretend to be there.”
We take that to heart. Any company can say they care about their customers, but if they really care, they’ll come when you need them, not when they can fit you in on their schedule. 
So the main reason to choose Mister Greenway is because we’ll scramble help on the way to you in under 30 minutes. ‘Cause, no one wants to wait in the heat or the cold or without working water.
Mister Greenway Choosing the right Generator

Our Story

Whit Greenway started Greenway Home Services about 30 years back. He treated his people right, ran a tight ship, and ensured customers knew they could always count on Greenway.
So the Greenway reputation grew, and the company prospered — as did Whit’s family, including Whitney Greenway, who loved helping Dad more than anything. 
Whitney started out by handing Dad tools when he went on jobs, started working in the business by nine, and dispatched techs to jobs by eleven.
And that’s when Mister Greenway was born. See, Whitney couldn’t say “Dad” at work, so she called him Mister Greenway, and it stuck. 
Whitney always wanted to take over the business and run it just like her Dad. That means treating her people like gold, running a tight ship, and ensuring that customers can always count on Greenway.
And in 2007, that dream became a reality when Whitney took over operations in Nashville. By 2009 she had her professional licenses for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical. 
In 2016, Whitney moved home to Memphis with her husband, Devin, to take over the entire companies operations. And somewhere along the way, she and Devin decided to rename the company in honor of her Dad’s old title — from Greenway to Mister Greenway. 
And that’s the story Mister Greenway, and why you can still count on us to have your back and fix your home emergency whenever you call. 
Whitney Greenway

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